Thomas Richter Director


Some of the awards Thomas has received for his work:

Gold Mobius, 2009, Teleflora “Baby”
Belding Certificate, 2009, Teleflora “Mom Simulator”
Bronze Telly, 2009, Teleflora Campaign
Bronze Andy Award, 2006, “Crunch Fitness”
John Sayles Award, Westcliffe Film Festival, 2004, “The Call”
Bronze Spotlight Award, 2003, Ikea “The Lamp”
Gold Catch 52 Award, 2002, Ikea “The Lamp”
Cannes Finalist, 2000, UNHCR “Supermarket”
Cannes Finalist, 2000, UNHCR “Thoughts”
Silver Hugo for Best Campaign, 2000, UNHCR Campaign
Montreux Golden Award, 2000, UNHCR Campaign
ITVA Platinum Award for Media Excellence, 2000, UNHCR Campaign
New York Film Festival Finalist, 2000, Sony “OPM”

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