Scenario Missions

Challenge and test yourself in our simulated combat missions complete from briefing, planning to execution.

Scenario Missions are fun adventure dives with a twist. In essence, we’re role playing military missions in a friendly match-up between diver teams, sometimes cooperative, sometimes competitive. Nevertheless, these missions are true challenges, mentally, physically, navigationally, logistically and strategically.

Some of the missions even include over-the-beach infiltrations and armed combat simulation with airsoft markers, including assaults on targets and hostage rescues.

Missions vary in their objectives, location and scope. Some might be two day missions, some might be check point missions, others single-day shore-diving excursions. This is scuba diving with a different focus.


  • Longe-range underwater approach with land infil and downed pilot search and secure
  • Search and recover of lost ordinance, including simulated underwater demolition and lift
  • Stealth land infil with intelligence collection and stealth extract
  • Longe-range underwater approach of target with demolition charge placement
  • Hostage rescue with CQB assault on target after clandestine over-the-beach infil


  • Special Ops Scuba Master Diver Rating (Training Mission Level III)
  • Special Ops Scuba Land Combat Tactics Prep Mission (for missions that are armed combat rated)
  • Open Water Scuba certified


  • Varies between scenarios


  • Varies between scenarios


  • Full Scuba Gear
  • Dive Light
  • Dive Knife
  • Marker buoy
  • Gear for land based operations (boots, etc)


  • GPS Navigation Device
  • UHF Radio
  • Chem Lights
  • Maps and Charts
  • Airsoft Markers and Ammunition
  • Airsoft Masks

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